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Wardrobes Designs

A sneak peak into a different types of Wardrobes

A perfectly designed wardrobe can provide all your requirements and needs. A complement wardrobe layout or theme makes your bedroom elegant that also reflects your lifestyle and personality.

Nowadays, a wardrobe is no longer considered just a functional piece of furniture which keeps your stuff and accessories neat. But, these wardrobes have come a long way with ultra modern stylish touch. Let’s take a look at different wardrobe styles which you can choose for your bedroom.

Wardrobe Design

Types of Wardrobes

Angular Wooden Wardrobe Design


Angular wooden wardrobes are a testament to innovation and design, offering a striking blend of style and functionality. These distinctive wardrobes make a bold statement in your interior, providing both storage and aesthetic allure. Tailor your wardrobe to your space with options for material selection, finishes, and configurations, ensuring a one-of-a-kind piece.

Modern and stunning with walnut finish, large storage space with multiple compartments and versatile drawers.

Concealed Wardrobe Design


Concealed wardrobes are the epitome of practical design, offering a sophisticated solution to maximise storage while keeping your space uncluttered. These hidden gems of functionality seamlessly blend with your interior, providing both a stylish aesthetic and efficient storage.

Super space saver, classic colours, soft look,  90-degree wardrobe doors,and can spot personal items easily.

Concealed Wardrobe Design
Sliding Door Wardrobe Design

Sliding Door wardrobes can be seamlessly integrated into your space, creating a harmonious look. Tailor your wardrobe to your exact requirements, including size, materials, finishes, and interior configurations. These wardrobes offer a range of storage options, from hanging space and shelves to drawers and built-in organisers.

Customised wardrobe with clear glass doors, vertical storage shelves or drawers and easier to find stuff even in dim lights.

Free – Standing Wardrobe Design


Freestanding wardrobes can be moved or repositioned, allowing you to adapt your storage as your space evolves. These wardrobes are available in a range of styles, finishes, and materials to match your interior decor and personal taste. We specialize in crafting freestanding wardrobes that complement your decor while providing the convenience of a movable storage solution.

Features two different glass door wardrobes that reflect lights in the bedroom, large storage shelves and dressing table area. 

Free Standing Wardrobe
Customised Wardrobe Design


We believe in creating wardrobes that are not just functional but also a reflection of your personality and lifestyle. Customised wardrobes can be tailored to your exact preferences. You can choose from a wide range of colours, textures, and finishes to complement your bedroom decor seamlessly. We offer various configurations, shelving options, and accessories to maximise storage and organisation.

Provide more strength and protection, environment-friendly, decorative laminate, Matt and glossy finish laminates.

Customised Wardrobe Design
Walk-in Wardrobe Design


Walk-in wardrobes have become a symbol of opulence and are much more than just a storage space. These wardrobes provide ample storage space, ensuring that every piece of clothing, accessory, and shoe has its own designated spot. Say goodbye to cluttered, overstuffed closets and welcome the peace of a well-organized space.

Mix of open and closed cabinets, transparent sliding doors, durable, strong and moisture-resistant plywood used to design.

Walk in Wardrobe Design

We hope you have a good amount of knowledge about the types of wardrobes which  you can incorporate in your bedroom. Connect with us to get your wardrobe design that perfectly suits your bedroom theme.