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Modular Kitchen Designs

Get a Master Kitchen Interior Plan


Designing a kitchen interior designing involves more than just selecting wall colours, appliances and cabinet designs which need everyday. It is vital to know how much space there is for kitchen counter rows, height and cabinet space. At first, you need to decide essential features and storage solutions which are needed to be equipped into a kitchen interior design based on your style.

An ideal kitchen interior designing has everything you need. The floor space and kitchen space always play a vital role in designing a kitchen. There are different kitchen interior design styles which you need to know before planning. Let’s take a look at them!!

Kitchen cover

Types of Kitchen Interior Designs

L Shape kitchen Design


The L Shape Modular Kitchen Design is a versatile and space-efficient layout that effortlessly combines style and functionality. It maximises your kitchen’s potential, creating a practical and visually appealing cooking space. It offers a contemporary and efficient cooking space that’s both stylish and practical with efficient space utilisation, ample storage, island addition and many more.

L-shape modular kitchen design
U Shape kitchen Design


The U-shape modular kitchen design is a highly efficient layout that combines style, functionality, and ample storage. It creates a culinary workspace where you can truly unleash your creativity. At Sree Lakshmi Prasanna Interiors, we help in crafting U-shaped modular kitchens that offer the perfect blend of modern design and practicality.

U Shape Kitchen Design
Straight Modular Kitchen Design


The straight modular kitchen design is a space-efficient layout that combines style and functionality, offering a sleek and organized culinary space. It offers ample storage, elegant countertops, neutral lighting and more. At our company, we help in specialising the straight modular kitchens that offer a perfect blend of modern design and efficiency.

Straight Kitchen Design
Parallel Modular Kitchen Design


A parallel modular kitchen design offers a well-organized, efficient, and stylish culinary space that’s both practical and contemporary. This modular kitchen design is a space-efficient layout that combines style and practicality, creating a well-organized cooking area. We help to create the unique parallel kitchen design as per ideas and preferences.

Parallel Modular Kitchen
Island Modular Kitchen Design


The island modular kitchen design is a versatile and stylish layout that combines convenience, elegance, and additional counter space. It serves as the heart of your culinary endeavours, offering endless possibilities for creative cooking. At Sree Lakshmi Prasanna Interiors, we specialise in crafting island modular kitchens that offer a perfect blend of contemporary design and practicality.

Island Modular Kitchen Design

Before selecting the style of your kitchen layout for your new kitchen, ask yourself a couple of questions. What do you like and dislike about your present kitchen? How much space do you need? Jotting the answers helps you to crystallise on your new kitchen layout that works best. Reach us to get the best kitchen interior designing solutions and make your kitchen space as per your taste.